About Me

More than 10 years of experience in Design, Marketing, Branding, Digital product, and working for various clients in the area of communications creating full-fledged strategies that enable them to engage with the consumer and sustain profitable growth in their respective markets.

During these years I have strengthened my strategic planning skills and advanced my interest and experience in product development based on systematic methodologies, creativity, market insights, and trends.

I have also been able to immerse myself in different cultures and business environments, which have refined my skills.

In addition to my international experience, my regional experience gives me a well-rounded approach and a strong understanding of different markets.

1. More than 300 projects (Branding - Digital).
2. Clients served in - the middle east / Europe.
3. Manages creative projects from concept to completion and translate marketing objectives into creative strategies.
4. Creating concepts and managing the process for online communication campaigns which involve the audience online and offline.
5. Planning / Strategies
6. Project / Production Management.
7. Product and Growth Management.